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Investing in our future

Johnny Walker Scholarship


This scholarship grants the applying student one tuition-FREE workshop with The Art of Felling Timber. The applying student’s experience level will determine which workshop will be granted. The Art of Felling Timber is looking for applicants that have a minimum of one year chainsaw experience, motivation, and the passion to learn cutting and felling procedures. 

In honor & memory of our good friend and fellow tree feller, Johnny. 

A message from Johnny Walker:

Howdy, My name is Johnny Walker. I’ve spent a few years getting “lucky” with felling. Those actions were based on thrill, instinct, and passion. However, since taking Roy Hauser ‘s seminar last fall my game has exponentially improved. I now have a science and reason behind felling decisions. And that has directly influenced – number one SAFETY and also competence and confidence. Here I have posted a couple stump shots from an Arizona fire in April, a separate falling job, and an arborist climb and prune for my parents willow. All of these trees I had less than ideal equipment and environments. But felt 100% on everyone and made my marks. I’m going to put my feelers out here to see if anyone has work or know someone that can give me experience. I’m smart, safe, reasonable, have a lot of my own equipment, and looking for someone to give me a chance. I feel very passionate about falling trees and the science/ experience behind it. It is truly an art. Looking to get my foot In the door with logging and eventually be on a Wildland Hazzard Tree Falling Mod. I will work long hours and low pay for this experience. I don’t expect to be falling right out the gate, but I know that my work ethic, initiative, and drive will show you I want to play with the big boys. And above all my willing/ eagerness to learn. And once again thank you Roy Hauser for showing me the professional way of getting it done.

Thanks, Johnny Walker


  • A minimum of one year chainsaw experience.
  • Highly motived.
  • Have a demonstrated passion to learn cutting and felling procedures. 

**Please note that the link above will take you to a fillable PDF that you will need to download to your desktop or laptop, fill out, and email to . You will need a PDF Reader app to fill out by phone. We recommend Adobe Fill & Sign (free for Android and iOS).**