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Investing in the Future


Timber cutting is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Professional timber fellers work in complex and critical decision-making scenarios regularly. With such great responsibility comes commitment, professionalism, specialized training, and proper education. But there is a severe learning curve for sawyers to move from the apprentice to an advanced level of competency. Certifications and mentoring programs provide excellent opportunities for upcoming tradesmen to receive proper training and achieve future success.

However, the high cost of attending such programs may seem discouraging at times, and that is where our scholarships offer a funding resource. Scholarships are available to help cover the costs of our workshops and materials. It is our goal to provide help to those striving to achieve excellence and discipline in the timber felling profession.

Listing of scholarships


Johnny Walker Scholarship

This scholarship grants the applying student one tuition-FREE workshop with The Art of Felling Timber. The applying student’s experience level will determine which workshop will be granted. 

Scholarship requirements

A minimum of one year chainsaw experience, motivation, and a demonstrated passion to learn cutting and felling procedures. 

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Lars Olson
Lars Olson

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