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Registration Terms & Policies

By registering for any of our courses you agree to the following:

Qualifications and Training
All workshops require prior approval, based on proven skill level. For proper workshop placement, please complete our pre-evaluation or contact us to ensure you are in the best class. When you register, you must acknowledge that you have received approval from the Art of Felling Timber to be placed in that level of class. Failure to acquire skill-level pre-approval may result in a refund. Furthermore, if you have not proven or have provided fraudulent details about your experience, we reserve the right to refuse continued instruction, for the safety of all parties, at your own expense. Because registration is based on individual skill level it is nontransferable.

Cancellation Policy
There are no workshop cancellations. You can move your registration to the same class offered the following season, if providing a minimum of two weeks prior notice of inability to attend. Registration is nontransferable.

Date Changes
We reserve the right to reschedule a class based on any of the following criteria. We will make every effort to update you on any changes.

  • Delay a class if the required minimum amount of students is not met.
  • Add an additional class date due to increased demand.
  • Cancel due to unsafe conditions or natural disasters in our local area or area of training.

Code of Conduct
To ensure the safety of all parties, the Art of Felling Timber has a firm no tolerance policy on unwarranted conduct and unsafe behavior. We ask that students be respectful to the instructors and other students at all times and demonstrate safe operating techniques. In the event that a student demonstrates behaviors that are considered disrespectful or unsafe to another party, consequences include: being asked to take a break for a period of time up to full expulsion, depending on the severity and/or reoccurrence of said behaviors.

Filming Policy
The Art of Felling Timber prohibits the use of cameras in-the-field to ensure proper safety measures are followed and to protect trade secrets and other proprietary business information. This includes camera-equipped phones, tablets, hands-free cameras, and other devices. An appointed instructor will be on-site to video and take photos, and we’ll do our very best to capture images and videos of all students attending. Select photography or videography may only be considered on a case-by-case situation, with prior authorization by The Art of Felling Timber, and with the consent of all parties involved.

Indemnity Agreement
Prior to the start of your course, we ask that you complete our Indemnity Agreement. Please note that the link above will take you to a fillable PDF that you will need to download to your desktop or laptop, fill out, and email to .

You will need a PDF Reader app to fill out by phone. We recommend Adobe Fill & Sign (free for Android  and iOS ).