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Will Moore - About Us

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We are the Art of Felling Timber

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What started out as a vision, to create an advanced tree felling course, has grown over the years into a nationally recognized training program. Additional course options have allowed us to bring more people into our program. Not only through advanced courses, but also providing to our new and less experienced sawyers with beginner courses as well. 

Of course this wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team that shares a passion for teaching others. 

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Will Moore



Qualifications: B.S. in Environmental Science Leadership, CTSP #1745, ISA Certified Arborist MA-54795A, USFS C-Faller

My family has been involved in the forest products industries for nearly 4 generations. In 2008 I started my cutting career felling and climbing trees along remote power line corridors in the Appalachian mountains. Since then I have been involved in low impact logging operations and hazardous tree removal projects across the United States and Australia.

Having attended many training programs throughout my career, The Art of Felling Timber seminars stand alone. Working under the supervision of professional timber fallers; the step by step process of establishing a work plan, communication with partners and the implementation of cutting sequences allowed me to perform safer and with a higher degree of accuracy and success. The Art of Felling Timber’s unwavering core values of Safety and Discipline make the foundation of the program. Attendees of all backgrounds and experience levels can expect to learn new methods and or refine their techniques under expert supervision. I particularly enjoy the shared experience of cutting with dedicated individuals from all over the world, learning and working together to strive for improvement and to create a culture of safety and professionalism.

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Lars Olson
Lars Olson

" They explain clearly and their experience shows. "

Grayback Forestry
Ed Floate
Ed Floate

" Roy does a great job of teaching safe and proper cutting techniques of large trees, to both beginner and advanced Sawyer's. "

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