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Victoria Hauser - About Us

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We are the Art of Felling Timber

Our Team

What started out as a vision, to create an advanced tree felling course, has grown over the years into a nationally recognized training program. Additional course options have allowed us to bring more people into our program. Not only through advanced courses, but also providing to our new and less experienced sawyers with beginner courses as well. 

Of course this wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team that shares a passion for teaching others. 

Photo of Victoria Hauser

Victoria Hauser

Assistant Coordinator & Instructor


Qualifications: Class B’ (FAL2)

Victoria Hauser is the youngest team member that works with The Art of Felling Timber. Currently, Victoria helps out with the classroom training guiding, our visual PowerPoint, she also videos students while engaged in tree felling and bucking scenarios during the field class training.

As a type 2 chainsaw operator, Victoria Assisting with the classroom Instruction on timber felling Also, documenting students while engaged in tree felling and bucking situations during the field portion of class training. She is always advancing her knowledge and will continue to refine her skills.

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Lars Olson
Lars Olson

" They explain clearly and their experience shows. "

Grayback Forestry
Ed Floate
Ed Floate

" Roy does a great job of teaching safe and proper cutting techniques of large trees, to both beginner and advanced Sawyer's. "

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