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Patrick Purdy - About Us

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What started out as a vision, to create an advanced tree felling course, has grown over the years into a nationally recognized training program. Additional course options have allowed us to bring more people into our program. Not only through advanced courses, but also providing to our new and less experienced sawyers with beginner courses as well. 

Of course this wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team that shares a passion for teaching others. 

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Patrick Purdy



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Patrick Purdy is the owner and operator of Tarzan the Treeman in Asheville, NC. He has been making a living in and around trees since 2009. A passion for honing his craft in tree work led him to the Art of Felling Timber a year ago. No other training experience has shaped his career more.

Being primarily a tree removal company, Patrick saw early on the importance of controlled precision felling. These seminars are attractive to private sector arborists because a small crew with these skills can even the playing field considerably in an industry that is otherwise dominated by multiple crews and heavy mechanization. Those willing to learn will benefit even more from the free exchange of wisdom from cutters with decades of field experience. Once a person attends one of these seminars, they size up trees more diligently and their cutting accuracy greatly improves.

Before landing in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Patrick originally hailed from St. Croix, USVI. His love of freediving and sustainable hunting has culminated in a healthy spearfishing obsession. His mountain hobbies include bow-hunting and fly-fishing. His wife and three children (more on the way) are the bright spot in his life. They are the driving force that keeps his eyes and saw sharp at all times.

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Lars Olson
Lars Olson

" They explain clearly and their experience shows. "

Grayback Forestry
Ed Floate
Ed Floate

" Roy does a great job of teaching safe and proper cutting techniques of large trees, to both beginner and advanced Sawyer's. "

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