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Brian Toth - About Us

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We are the Art of Felling Timber

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What started out as a vision, to create an advanced tree felling course, has grown over the years into a nationally recognized training program. Additional course options have allowed us to bring more people into our program. Not only through advanced courses, but also providing to our new and less experienced sawyers with beginner courses as well. 

Of course this wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team that shares a passion for teaching others. 

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Brian Toth



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I grew up in Colorado where I began my career as a climbing arborist. I spent several years there gaining a foundation in urban tree work. After falling in love with the work, industry, and lifestyle of being a treeman I decided to move to California in 2013 to chase bigger trees and bigger work. Since then I have been blessed with a lot of great opportunities that have allowed me to work in some really amazing places with some really amazing people. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to come to my first Art of Felling Timber seminar with a few close buddies with similar urban backgrounds. It was an inspiring and eye opening few days. I wondered why it had taken me so long to get my butt in the forest to experience this type of work. With an exceptional amount of experience to be had in a short few days of any seminar, anyone, regardless of knowledge and experience, is sure to walk away a more competent, confident, and safe cutter. Experiencing a hands-on approach from the size-up to the stump analysis, everyone has the opportunity to be both a student and a teacher receiving constructive criticism so that we all learn and improve together. Roy Hauser’s wealth of knowledge and experience, along with his big energy and awesome character create an atmosphere that will have you feeling like family before the course is over. The experience and opportunities that have followed my initial experience with the Art of Felling Timber had led to about 50% of my work. From the experience, opportunities, and lifelong friends, to the excitement of continuing to grow alongside other world-class fallers, I am proud to be a part of the Art of Felling Timber.

” Roy does a great job of teaching safe and proper cutting techniques of large trees, to both beginner and advanced Sawyer’s. “

Grayback Forestry
Ed Floate

” They explain clearly and their experience shows. “

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Lars Olson

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