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We are the Art of Felling Timber

Our Team

What started out as a vision, to create an advanced tree felling course, has grown over the years into a nationally recognized training program. Additional course options have allowed us to bring more people into our program. Not only through advanced courses, but also providing to our new and less experienced sawyers with beginner courses as well. 

Of course this wouldn’t be possible without an amazing team that shares a passion for teaching others. 

Photo of Roy Hauser Roy Hauser Owner & Author
Qualifications: Class C’ (FAL1)

The author, Roy Hauser, has decades of experience in the field of hazardous timber felling. He works to educate for the safety of Timber Fellers by designing new course materials.

Roy wrote The Art of Felling Timber to teach Fellers what to expect before facing dangerous and complex felling scenarios, having over 30 years of experience in all aspects of timber felling. Roy was a co-author of the S-212 chainsaw course in 1992 in a segment called Fire Weakened Timber.

He was a saw boss for the Zig Zag Interagency Type 1 Hotshot crew based out of Mount Hood Oregon, under the supervision of Paul Gleason.

The author has worked in the logging and forest industry for over 20 years, managing private timberlands for wildland fire prevention. Roy Hauser has also worked as a contract timber feller on many wildland forest fires all over the Pacific Northwest. He has trained, what he considers to be, some of the finest Timber Fellers in the field today, using the techniques in his book.

Roy is currently a Region 6 consultant for the USFS and consults the BLM in Oregon. His message: “I hope that all who study The Art of Felling Timber, will share in the safety, mechanical application, teamwork, and discipline that this guidebook has to offer.”

Photo of Jim Goodman Jim Goodman Instructor
Qualifications: Class C’ (FAL1)

James Goodman is owner/operator of Goodwood Timber fallers based out of Southern Oregon. James has been a contract Timber Faller for over 20 years and a Class-C Type-1 Feller on Wildland Fires for 18 seasons.

He has felled timber for many applications of logging, cat, yarder, and helicopter. He has spent a large percentage of his career subcontracting Timber felling for Aviation companies such as Columbia, Carson, and Western Air. He also falls oversized timber for mechanical logging operations as well as small private lands that demand low impact directional felling. He is familiar with many size and tree species having cut redwoods of Northern California to Spruce and yellow cedar of Southwest Alaska.

James has established an outstanding record as well as a reputation in the Wildland fire community. James holds a region 6 USFS contract and calls The Siskiyou National Forest his home. He is known for his safety and willingness to share his experience and knowledge in the industry that he works for.

James also has a preseason agreement with the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and has done emergency response Hazard tree removal for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

James has been an instructor for The Art of Felling Timber for nearly 5 years and has been involved with this training program since its Inception. James’s relationship with Roy Hauser began in the mid-90s when they worked countless logging jobs together. He attributes many of the basic felling techniques taught to him using this training program. James believes that these basic techniques that are used in this program have made him the professional Timber Faller that he is today.

Photo of Victoria Hauser Victoria Hauser Assistant Coordinator & Instructor
Qualifications: Class B’ (FAL2)

Victoria Hauser is the youngest team member that works with The Art of Felling Timber. Currently, Victoria helps out with the classroom training guiding, our visual PowerPoint, she also videos students while engaged in tree felling and bucking scenarios during the field class training.

As a type 2 chainsaw operator, Victoria Assisting with the classroom Instruction on timber felling Also, documenting students while engaged in tree felling and bucking situations during the field portion of class training. She is always advancing her knowledge and will continue to refine her skills.

Photo of Vincent Randall Vincent Randall Instructor & Certifier
Qualifications: Class C’ (FAL1)

Forest Manager of Grants Pass Resource Area, BLM Medford District.

Vince Randall began working for the USFS on the Galice RD of the Siskiyou NF in 1987. Vince became a ‘C’ class sawyer in 1991. Vince went to the BLM, Medford District in 1999 and has been in charge of the timber and engineering programs on the Glendale and Grants Pass RA’s since 2000.

Vince has assisted Roy Hauser in his timber falling classes since its inception in 2015.

Photo of Will Moore Will Moore Instructor
Qualifications: B.S. in Environmental Science Leadership, CTSP #1745, ISA Certified Arborist MA-54795A, USFS C-Faller

My family has been involved in the forest products industries for nearly 4 generations. In 2008 I started my cutting career felling and climbing trees along remote power line corridors in the Appalachian mountains. Since then I have been involved in low impact logging operations and hazardous tree removal projects across the United States and Australia.

Having attended many training programs throughout my career, The Art of Felling Timber seminars stand alone. Working under the supervision of professional timber fallers; the step by step process of establishing a work plan, communication with partners and the implementation of cutting sequences allowed me to perform safer and with a higher degree of accuracy and success. The Art of Felling Timber’s unwavering core values of Safety and Discipline make the foundation of the program. Attendees of all backgrounds and experience levels can expect to learn new methods and or refine their techniques under expert supervision. I particularly enjoy the shared experience of cutting with dedicated individuals from all over the world, learning and working together to strive for improvement and to create a culture of safety and professionalism.

Photo of Brad Roberds Brad Roberds Instructor
Qualifications: TBD

I’ve always had an urge to be in the woods, and always was drawn to logging, and timber falling. I started like every man of the woods by setting chokers. 2 summers of that and I had an opportunity to cut for a few days and I was hooked. From then on I cut part-time and worked as a line worker for 8 years, I was doing hazard tree mitigation, small scale removals, small commercial thinning and modified clear cuts, every other week. Eventually, work slowed down and I went and cut full-time commercial timber cutting. From there, I really learned the art of felling from a stellar faller who was meticulous and precise. Invaluable lessons learned and 1 smashed saw,I decided to cash in my retirement and go all in to start Coast Range Tree Service Inc., 3 years later I’m going strong and haven’t looked back. 15 years behind the saw and Timber cutting and tree work is the most rewarding work I’ve done, and I’m proud every day I get to impart some of my wisdom and experience to the fallers coming up in the ranks. I’m glad to be part of Roy’s team, and looking forward to working with his program!

Photo of Brian Toth Brian Toth Instructor
Qualifications: TBD

I grew up in Colorado where I began my career as a climbing arborist. I spent several years there gaining a foundation in urban tree work. After falling in love with the work, industry, and lifestyle of being a treeman I decided to move to California in 2013 to chase bigger trees and bigger work. Since then I have been blessed with a lot of great opportunities that have allowed me to work in some really amazing places with some really amazing people. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to come to my first Art of Felling Timber seminar with a few close buddies with similar urban backgrounds. It was an inspiring and eye opening few days. I wondered why it had taken me so long to get my butt in the forest to experience this type of work. With an exceptional amount of experience to be had in a short few days of any seminar, anyone, regardless of knowledge and experience, is sure to walk away a more competent, confident, and safe cutter. Experiencing a hands-on approach from the size-up to the stump analysis, everyone has the opportunity to be both a student and a teacher receiving constructive criticism so that we all learn and improve together. Roy Hauser’s wealth of knowledge and experience, along with his big energy and awesome character create an atmosphere that will have you feeling like family before the course is over. The experience and opportunities that have followed my initial experience with the Art of Felling Timber had led to about 50% of my work. From the experience, opportunities, and lifelong friends, to the excitement of continuing to grow alongside other world-class fallers, I am proud to be a part of the Art of Felling Timber.

Photo of Patrick Purdy Patrick Purdy Instructor
Qualifications: TBD

Patrick Purdy is the owner and operator of Tarzan the Treeman in Asheville, NC. He has been making a living in and around trees since 2009. A passion for honing his craft in tree work led him to the Art of Felling Timber a year ago. No other training experience has shaped his career more.

Being primarily a tree removal company, Patrick saw early on the importance of controlled precision felling. These seminars are attractive to private sector arborists because a small crew with these skills can even the playing field considerably in an industry that is otherwise dominated by multiple crews and heavy mechanization. Those willing to learn will benefit even more from the free exchange of wisdom from cutters with decades of field experience. Once a person attends one of these seminars, they size up trees more diligently and their cutting accuracy greatly improves.

Before landing in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Patrick originally hailed from St. Croix, USVI. His love of freediving and sustainable hunting has culminated in a healthy spearfishing obsession. His mountain hobbies include bow-hunting and fly-fishing. His wife and three children (more on the way) are the bright spot in his life. They are the driving force that keeps his eyes and saw sharp at all times.

Photo of Dan Stephens Dan Stephens Instructor

Hi, my name is Dan Stephens. I’m a Forester for the Medford District BLM. I started as a seasonal firefighter/ Forestry Technician working on the Salem, Burns and Prineville District BLM before accepting a permanent Forester job in Klamath Falls for the BLM. I started running chainsaw on wildfire assignments about 16 years ago. Beginning with brushing, bucking and small diameter felling, I soon realized it was something I really enjoyed and wanted to learn more. Over the years I picked up tips and tricks as I jumped around locations. Finally landing in Grants Pass 5 years ago with the Medford District, I decided to pursue my FAL1/ C faller certification. I met Roy at The Art Of Felling Timber seminar in 2015 and soon after received my certification. I thought I knew so much, until I took these classes, and realized how little I knew about felling timber and hazard trees. I have gained immense respect for the profession itself, with safety and discipline over all else.

Photo of Matthew Mackley Matthew Mackley Instructor
Qualifications: TBD

Matthew Meckley started his career in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. Starting out as a climber, he really shined at detail-oriented jobs and technical rigging. He especially loved being able to fell whole trees in tight quarters in the urban environment. The more he learned the bigger the trees became. Later, he decided to branch out and move to California. While living in California, he was introduced to the idea of falling fire weakened trees. Through that, he met Brain Toth who introduced him to Roy Hauser and fell in love with the Art of Felling Timber program.

“The past few years I’ve been mainly working on fire weakened trees and my bag of tool opened up even more after learning how to properly size up, and dissect fire weekend timber thanks to The Art Of Falling Timber.”

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Lars Olson

" They explain clearly and their experience shows. "

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Ed Floate

" Roy does a great job of teaching safe and proper cutting techniques of large trees, to both beginner and advanced Sawyer's. "

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