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A One-of-a-Kind Course on Timber

‘The Art of Felling Timber’ Training Brings Firefighters From Across the Nation.

In recent history, huge fires have devastated the West Coast. In California there was the Carr Fire of 2018, the Paradise/Camp Fire of 2018, the Tubbs Fire of 2017. In Oregon, there was the Eagle Creek and Chetco Bar Fires of 2017. In Washington state, there was the Okanogan Complex Fire of 2015 and Carlton Complex Fire of 2014. Knowing your level of experience and evaluating safety concerns is a key factor for crews and sawyers felling fire-weakened trees.

Our goal is to teach safety and discipline, and fill the gap in training from beginner to advanced. If you would like to learn more, explore details on our workshops. Or if you have a crew looking to go through special training, reach out by submitting our Training Request Form.